GeForce NOW game list reveals the existence of GTA 3: Remastered, GTA VC: Remastered and GTA San Andreas: Remastered

This week began with all after a big “leak”, we might say, a user found to “unlock” the application GeForce NOW from Nvidia , which is a streaming gaming service.

Immediately, several PlayStation exclusive games were found, listed in the application and suggesting that they could arrive on PC via Steam at some point, as in the case of God of War which even has a page on GeForce NOW.

Also, several other games that haven’t even been officially revealed are being listed, three of which are getting a lot of rumors lately that they are Grand Theft Auto 3: Remastered, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – Remastered and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – Remastered.

These three GTAs are very dear to players and in recent months, Rockstar is dropping several mods for the aforementioned games, raising suspicions that it is preparing some kind of announcement involving the three games. But now with this list of games, the rumor only grows and everything indicates that yes, Rockstar is working on a Remaster and it’s a matter of time before it is officially announced.

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So far, nothing has been confirmed on this list and it’s safe to say it won’t be anytime soon. And in your opinion, do you think this list is true?

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