Here’s Akira in Street Fighter 5

Capcom showcased Akira’s gameplay to celebrate his arrival in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition.

Starting today, Season 5 of Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition welcomes Akira Kazama and Oro as the latest fighters you can unlock, either with Fight Money earned playing or with real money, which deserves a new video.

Oro comes from Street Fighter 3 and is a well-known figure among the series’ biggest fans, but I would say Akira is the real protagonist of the day as she is a fighter from another series, a sleeper series from Capcom.

Akira Kazama belongs to Rival Schools, a longing series that started in Japanese arcades in 1997 (it was entitled to the PS1 version) and later received a sequel called Project Justice: Rival Schools 2 for arcade and Dreamcast in 2000.

The series has been sleeping for over 20 years and fans can now relive some of those emotions with Akira in Street Fighter 5.

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