Spider-Man will arrive in Avengers in 2021, reaffirms Crystal Dynamics

Says the PlayStation DLC will be released as scheduled.

Marvel’s Avengers is about to celebrate one year of life and has yet to receive Spider-Man, extra content that will be featured exclusively on PlayStation consoles.

Crystal Dynamics assures that Spider-Man will reach Marvel’s Avengers as early as 2021 and tries to reassure fans after the character has been pushed back from early 2021 and his absence from the update schedule.

Scott Walters, designer, spoke with ScreenRant and assures that Spiderman will arrive in the game soon.

“In terms of what I can say now, it’s always been scheduled and planned to introduce Spider-Man in 2021 to PlayStation owners. That’s still on schedule, so we’ll have more announcements later this year.”

Spider-Man’s presence will be introduced in a new special event, consisting of several challenges, which serve to test his abilities and explore the character in this way.

The announcement of Spider-Man in Marvel’s Avengers as a PlayStation exclusive gave a lot of talk and generated a lot of controversy around the internet, which further increases the visibility around this DLC and its responsibility.

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