Superman came close to being the villain in the movie The Suicide Squad

James Gunn made an unexpected revelation about the movie The Suicide Squad , in which he confesses that his initial desire was to have Superman as the great villain of his new movie.

In a conversation with Script Apart (thanks to EW ), Gunn talked about the villain chosen for the film, but commented that ” there was a time when I thought Suicide Squad should fight Superman ,” however, he liked the movie too much. Starro’s idea to let her pass.

“He’s a character I love from comics. I think he’s a perfect comic book character because he’s absolutely ridiculous, but he’s also very scary in his own way. What he does is scary.”

” Before, he scared me a lot, when I was a kid, putting those guy huggers in Superman and Batman. So I thought he was one of DC’s top villains who would probably never be put in another movie. And if they did, would be a ‘dark cloud’ version of Starro. Not a giant walking starfish, a kaiju that’s pale pink and cerulean blue, this ridiculously big, pale badass .”

Gunn also says he hesitated with Superman as the villain as DC’s cinematic universe is still trying to find its place, which would bring unnecessary questions to the film.

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